#BlackLivesMatter in Africa too

I doubt anyone who reads this blog didn’t know that Africa is a continent. But whoo, it’s a big one! I really wasn’t conscious of how large it really is. Maps have been fooling me about this since grade school, at least until I fell in love at first sight with the Peters Projection Map – it can totally change your view of the world. While Africa’s size is not news, there’s a great graphic and story about this at I Fucking Love Science; it’s their graphic that’s reproduced below).

Africa’s size and importance is just one of the billions of reasons we should be talking about Boko Haram. In case you haven’t heard the news about them either, this Economist article will tell you who they are. This week, they killed thousands, and somehow it’s not making news all over the world, at least not in the same way that we are horrified by terror and needless killing in Paris. As The Atlantic explains, Boko Haram are strapping bombs to 10 year olds, making suicide bombers of them. According to a report in Al Jazeera, their raids now extend into Cameroon. And “our girls” are still missing, and some report they are enslaved and possibly trafficked, and forced into participating in this recent attack. Sadly, we paid more attention to Ebola, a virus which killed fewer people (and could’ve killed even fewer had we paid proper attention). If Nigeria’s government is ineffective in doing something about it, isn’t there something the rest of us can do?

Africa. Big, and important.


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